Miami Memories

You know you grew up in Miami if you can remember....

 Land crabs in your front yard
Hurricane parties
The Doors concert at Dinner Key Auditorium
When 'Saddle Shoes' were a fashion statement
Birch Beer at Royal Castle
Johnnie & Mack by the railroad track, the world's largest, and that's a fact!
Jack O'Brien and Municipal Auto Sales commercials
Western Sunset Bowl
When Don Carter's was the ONLY thing on 137th & Kendall
When you could get a bucket of shrimp at Kentucky Fried Chicken
Miami……See it like a Native
The Coppertone Girl on Biscayne Boulevard
The MacArthur Dairy Boy licking his lips
When there was a canal down the center of Miller Road
"The Dungeon" with M.T. Graves on Saturday afternoon T.V.
Bowl - O - Mat on US 1
St. Timothy's annual carnival
The water tower in South Miami Heights
The Jamaica Inn on Key Biscayne (prime rib on Saturday nights)
When Quail Roost Drive was nothing but avocado groves
Big Daddy's Lounge on US1 and Coral Reef Drive
Daisy May's Barbeque on 8th Street
When Black Point was the old shack store and there was nothing but shrimp boats there
A&W Drive-In - served birch beer and the waitresses came out on roller skates
The air raid sirens in South Miami
The Holsum Bakery on US1 and Red Road...can ya still smell it?
Polar Palace on 36th Street
The old skinny rickety bridges to Key West
Mike's Drug Store in the South Miami Heights shopping center
Eureka Park's little orange pumpkin
Five year olds being able to walk to school on your own (I did)
Gen & Wren's (it's the Shack now)
Hurricane Donna
The Flick Coffeehouse on Ponce by the UM
The "dump" at the end of Eureka on Old Cutler Road
W. T. Grants and Grant City (where the Best Buy is now on US1 & Marlin)
"Hey, Culligan Man!"
The waterslide in Florida City
Zayres on US1 in "Pinecrest" where the Home Depot is now
When "Pinecrest" was Sunniland
The Tigertail Lounge in the Grove
When there was a Winn Dixie where Cocowalk is now
When Oak Avenue in the Grove had "head shops"
When Flannigans was the Loggerhead and it had pool tables and didn't serve food
Royal Castles everywhere! Birch beer and belly sliders
When you didn't have to pay to launch your boat at Matheson Hammock
Jai Lai on US1 behind the Bowl - O - Mat
Dixie Drive-In where the big Publix is now on US1
Neisner's in the old Cutler Ridge strip mall
When Mr. & Mrs. Burr owned everything on the west side of Burr Road and Mr. Mixon owned everything on the east side
Camp Choee on Colonial and 117th
Camp Mahachee by Matheson Hammock park
Beefsteak Charlies" on US1 across from Bowl - O - Mat
You could find shells in the water at Matheson Hammock wading beach
Gooney golf at the Colonial Palms Course on US1 & 136th St
Patty Murray on WGTR
Larry King on WIOD
Rick Shaw on WQAM
The Dupont Plaza Hotel on the Miami River
Monroe Station
Jimmy's Hurricane and the Hurrican Cooler
Hot Shoppes and the Orange Freeze, Teen Twist and Big Mo
When Coral Gables was "the" high school
The bowling alley at the end of Cutler Ridge strip mall (where Sears is now)
The little walk-in movie theater in the back of Cutler Ridge's strip mall
Richard's Dept Store
Private camps in the everglades
Pole beans and tomato farms on Kendall Drive(U-Pick-Em)
When the Coconut Grove Arts Festival was free and you could actually buy something there
The Trail Theater on Douglas/8th St
The Tower Theater on 8th St/ 15th Ave
The Pizza Palace on 8th Street and it's "snowball" architecture
Pizza Patio on Bird Road
Roller skating waitresses and car-side service
The Huddle House (at the corner of SW 8th St and 76th Ave before 826 cut it off)
The  Coral Way Drive-In down the street from the football stadium high  schools played in Concord Shopping Center and Movie Theater
Food Fair, Quick Chex, and Super-X
Anthony Abraham's home in the Gables with the most amazing Christmas decorations
When Kendall Drive was "the road to nowhere"
Colonial Palms Golf Course on US 1 and SW 136th St
When I-95 didn't reach here
When "Miami's Best Pizza" was the original "Little Caesar's"
The Five & Dime Store at Coral Way and 27th Ave
Parodi's Five & Dime Store on 8th Street
The Glorious Delicattessen on Coral Way
Richard Nixon's southern White House on Key Biscayne
When Les Violins was a hot spot
When the people on South Beach were older than the buildings
Big Wilson
The original Holsum Bakery Christmas display in South Miami
When Howard Schnellenberger was "king"
The Serpentarium and Bill Haas "milking" those snakes!
The Austrailian Pines that lined the trail on the way to the Miccosoukee Tribe
The Zoo at Crandon Park and it's kiddy rides
The Hurrican Harbour Lounge
The Silver Sands Motel on Key Biscayne
Tahiti Beach for swimming during the day and making out at night
Larry Csonka and Jim Kick
Zayres, Diskay, Woolworth, and Woolco in Westchester and what was then Midway Mall
WFUN and WQAM were "THE" stations to listen to if your car only had an AM radio
If you were lucky enoughto have FM, you lustened to Y-100
Lums and Jahn's were the places to go with your friends after football games
Krispy Kreme accross from the cementary on 8th Street had the BEST doughnuts!
Sambo's in the Gables across form Sears and their patty melts at 3 AM
Sweden House (all you care to eat!) on Dixie Highway
The Flame (also on Dixie)
Fox's Sherron Inn for the prime ribs (still there!)
When Tamiami Park was Tamiami Airport and there were cow pastures across the street
The animated, talking cow in Dressels Dairy's ice cream parlor
Toby the Robot and Scrubby on Skipper Chuck (Zink)
The Copacabana Supper Club
James McDuffie and Neville Johnson
Johnnie Jones and gold plumbing
Mercury Morris
D'Pizza of UM
Lou Saban
Murf the Surf
Arthur Godfrey
A time when Frank Forte and Don Noe weren't on channel 10
Molly Turner and Alec Gibson
Arthur Godfrey Show from Miami Beach
When trains ran parallel to U.S. 1 (at ground level)
The roller skating rink at South Dixie and SW 27th Ave
When the 836 toll was 10 cents
The Miami Marlins and the Ft. Lauderdale Yankees (AA teams)
When FIU was a "Senior College" and the school's nickname was the "Sun Blazers"
The Miami Daily News
Miami Rowing Club
Musa Village, the Seminole Indian Village on NW 27th ave. and the Miami River
K-land on Kendall Drive
The Ft. Lauderdale Strikers
Flipper in the open end-zone at the Orange Bowl
The rotating shark at the entrance to Key Biscayne
The Seaquarium with Hugo the Killer whale
When Crown Liquors got shot up
Cocaine Cowboys
Tent City
Packer Pontiac
Hurricane David and that masking tape that's still on all your windows
Grand Union (the grand union of all good things)
When the Norway was the largest cruise ship in the world
When the Rusty Pelican burned down
Miami Dade Junior College
The Coffee House on Douglas Rd
The Lemon Twist
The Monk's Inn
The French Connection
Monty Trainer's Village Inn
Jordan Marsh
Burdines and the playground on its roof
Peaches Records and Tapes
The Coca Cola Bottling company in the grove
Super Skating Centers and Tropical Skating
CenterAir Florida and Eastern Airlines
Glen Rinker & Ralph Renick
Gator Kicks on Tamiami Trail
When there was a grocery store in Dadeland Mall
The Seahorse at Dadeland Mall
When Dadeland Mall was open!
When "Footy's" name was "Athlete's Foot"
Heiny Wine "The wine that made Medley, Medley"
When the 94th Aero Squadron had good food
The Tropicaire Drive in Theater
When there was a Burdines at the Mayfair mall
When the Mayfair Mall was a drive-in laundry
When Centrust was Dade Federsal Savings
When SunTrust was Sun Bank
The Dadeland Twin Theater
The Riviera Theater, Gables Theater and the Coral Theater
The Coconut Grove PlayHouse
Ivan Kivit's Merry-Go-Round Theater
Gordons Docks
The ColliseumBowling : 1928 Opera House-Boxing - Wrestling - Ice/Roller Skating Rink
Indy car races at Tamiami Park
The Hialeah race track with demolition derbys
When Shorty's BBQ burned down
When the Rickenbacker was a drawbridge - and cost 25 cents
Biscayne Dog Track
Campus Life Haunted House
When the Youth Fair was at K-Land on Kendall Drive
When the Mark IV was the best ride at the youth fair
All the Dairy Farms where Miami International Airport sits today
Uncle Gordon reading the Sunday funnies on the radio (at the Freedom Tower formerly the Miami Daily News Bldg.)
The Skipper Chuck Show with Scrubby and Toby the Robot
Miami Marine Stadium and Hydroplane races
Velvet Creme
Planet Ocean (now Mast Academy)
Monkey Jungle
Parrot Jungle (moved to Watson Island)
The Goodyear Blimp at Watson Island
Chalk's Flying Service
Club OZ
Tom Thumbs in the Grove
When the Mall of the Americas was Midway Mall
Rory Sparrow
Black Caesar's Forge
Marcella's Mia Cucina
Richard's Department Store & Basement - Downtown
Grant's Five and Dime - Downtown
Gesu Cathjolic Church Downtown
Jimmy's Hurricane and the Hurricane Cooler
Hot Shoppes and the Orange Freeze, teen Twist and Big Mo
The Big Wheel
Ice Palace Ice Skating Rink on NW 36 St.
Key West was a long, lonely trip,, and the Key Lime Pie was 'real'
The trips down to the Rod and Reel Club at Jewfish Creek on Key Largo
The trips down to Everglades City
The Red Diamond Italian Restaurant south of the Airport on Lejuene
The El Bolero Restaurant
When La Carreta only had one location
George's Subs on 8th Street and 47th Ave
Wolfie's and the Rascal House on Miami Beach
Drag Races at Amelia Earhart Field
Kelly's Hamburgers Drive-In (later Billy's Drive-In) on 79th St next to the North Bay Marina
Dressels Dairy for ice cream and pony rides on a Sunday afternoon on Milam Dairy Road
Sealtest ice cream parlor near Jimmys Hurricane on Bird rd.
Luskin's High Fidelity
Lyle's Pharmacy
Lindsley Lumber
A.J. Duhe
Victoria and Abbey Hospitals
Mercy Hospital on Biscayne Bay
Malibu Grand Prix
Jackson-Byrons; JByrons; Jacksons
The rides on top of downtown Burdines each holiday season
McCrory's Five and Dime - Downtown
Sam the China Man
Roland Your Hatter in the Seybold Bldg.
Bayfront Auditorium with the Saturday Dances
Bayfront Park and the Public Library there
5th Street Fishing Pier and Charter Boats - Downtown (where Bayside sits today)
FunLand Park on NW 27th Ave
Krome ave. was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out in the sticks
Seminole  Indian huts out on Tamiami Trail that did not have Parabolic antennas  sticking out Pan Am's seaplane hangers (where real live seaplanes took  off many times a day) in the Grove Mansene's Spaghetti House
The Studio Restaurant
The Yorkshire
The Hampshire
Leonard La Pena's Steak House
FIRE Station #1 across from the old Courthouse
The Old Miami train station just across the street from the police dept.
Coral Gables Bus station
The Boys Club of Miami on 32nd Ave (before it became Co-Ed)
Dairy Queen's with the curly cone on top and "flying saucer" ice cream sandwiches
A & W root beer joints
Royal Castle burger joints
The tennis courts at Coconut Grove park next to the basketball court
Florida Pharmacy in the Grove AKA the Fagacy
The Light House on Key Biscayne was a simple picnic place w/ NO Seawall
Fair Isle was just that, an island where we snagged mullet and fished
P. B. A. park on NW 14 St.
Miami Senior High before air conditioningBiscayne
Biscayne Cafeteria in the Gables
M and M cafeteria on SW 27 Ave and 8 St
WQAM radio
King Arthur's Court on 36 st
Big Daddy's Drag Races on Kendall and Krove Ave
The Tropicaire Flea market
Allen's Drugs at Red and Bird Road
WINZ radio
Scotty's Grocery in the Grove where tomatoes and artichokes were the size of your hand
When Westchester was "out in the country...way outside of Miami..."
When there was NO FIU
When Miami Coral Park Senior High School was predominantly Jewish
Miles of strawberry fields on Kendall Drive after you passed 107th Avenue
No Town & Country Mall on Kendall Drive
No "West Kendall" at all
The Hamlet bar on Main Hywy
The little drive-in place that sold whisky at South Dixie and 27th Ave
The little bait shop that sold beer at South Dixie and 17th Ave
When Stiltsville was a seldom frequented place on the sand bars
The Lejeune Drive In, where the Marriott is now
When Widow McCoy's in the Grove was the hotspot for live jazz
The Grove Movie Theatre and the midnight "Rocky Horror" shows every weekend
All the funky shops on Grand Avenue before Cocowalk and Mayfair took over
When there was no traffic on the Palmetto Expressway
When Sweetwater was just trailers, small farms and houses on the other side of the canal
When there was NO Midway Mall, International Mall, or Dolphin Mall
Royal Ice Company on Douglas and US1
Great Value grocery store in Cutler Ridge, next to Dad's Hardware
Breezeway Drive-In in Homestead
Shaw's Nursery on US1 and Killian Dr
Poe's Hardware on US1 and Lejeune Road
Rhodes Brothers Club on US1 & 136th
When Luria'sBird Bowl had a gas station
WhenTropical Park was a horse track
Police Athletic League dances at Bird Road and 72nd
When we had TV channels! 4 (CBS), 7 (NBC), 10 (ABC) and then 6 (WCIX)
Bird Bowl & the skating rink
Drink & Sink...all the skating & beer you can drink for $5...
do you know how hard it is to go to the bathroom with skates on ??
The Playboy Clubs...disco dancing...the "bunnies" had little cotton tails...
ALL the woods we had to mud bog in
Motocrossing on the sand dunes that are now Cocoplum!
Long's Motorcycle Shop on Flagler St.
Taking the bus to shop in the Gables
All the worms on the sidewalks & in the hallways at school after a big rain
Tadpoles in the puddles
Camping at Browns Farm
Bird Road Drive-in...especially when they added "Air-Conditioning"!!
The Circus Restaurant on Bird Road
The Brasserie by the airport
The 1800 Club
The pizza place on 103rd street that showed Little Rascal videos...& had the BEST pizza too!Skiing at the Airport Lakes
The Flea Market at the Bird Road Drive-in
Little Caesar's on US1
The Sportatorium in the middle of nowhere where rock bands came to perform.
Bayfront Park when it had beautiful trees and a great Library
When Miami Beach restaurants and bars closed at 11 PM
When the South Beach scene was skid row and not fashion week
Earl Cashmore's Shell Station on the corner of Eureka and Franjo
The haunted and boarded up Biltmore Hotel
Camping on the levy on Tamiami Trail in the Everglades
Orange Julius in the malls
The Yumbrella in South Miami
Sorrento's Italian Restaurant
The Red Diamond Inn
Autorama at Dinner Key auditorium
The Columbus Hotel, Everglades Hotel and the Colonial Hotel on Biscayne Boulevard
The all you can eat fishfry on fridays at Howard Johnson across from the UM on US1
The Florida East Coast Railroad Station in downtown next to the county courthouse
The Dinner Key Boat Show
The Black Angus Restaurant