List of Attendees

Abell, John & Nancy

Acker, Chris

Adams, Ken

Beddow, Janet 

Balliett, Kent & Debbie

Barrett, Joanne

Bell, Mike & Claire Thomas

Bennett, Phil & Linda

Berrin, Bob and Linda Schechter

Bosco, Karen Shurley and Fletch

Braddock, George

Breidenbach, Robert

Brinckerhoff, Kitty and Thomas Slattery

Brown, Douglas and Sue

Brown, Sandra Sue (McCoy) and Jan Johnson

Cameron, Liz and Ed Parnes

Clary, Caroline Johnson

Chavez, Mike and Robin Webb

Conners, Christine Meland

Corwith, Alan and Patricia

Engel, Gerald and Anzhelika

Erbel, Ron and Victoria Jackson

Eichenbaum, Jean

Ferguson, Edward and Thais

Ghezzi, Mark and Susanne

Gonzalez, Ralph

Goodfellow, Doug and Nancy

Gorman, Alison

Hallstrand, Karen and Marty Miller

Harriger, Debby Brown

Harris, Mindy Wilner

Hays, Ed and Lauren

Herman, Fred and Minette

Hickey, Ed

Kavanaugh, Larry & Debbie

Keep, Karen

Klein, Randy

Korvick. Joseph and Imelda

Kosick, Don & Maria

Kram, Nina K (Schlachter)

Krieger, Edwin

Kunde, DeeDee & Tim (Cheek)

Lary, Scott and Elizabeth

Lawrence, Irving and Vicki

LeCain, Evie Koch

Linet, Nancy and Jay Hershoff

Lubow, Susie and David Simon

Merritt, Virginia (Ginny) Osgood

Michaelson, Howard and Sheila

Mitchell, Leslie McKinley

Moore, Thomas & Patricia

Morse, Jeff

Murray, Tim and Sheri

Nazario, Al and Patsy

Nichoson, Terry

Nichoson, Danny

Norman, Vicki Pike

Bari Novak and Pierre Dulat

Oswald, Durward (Derby) and Starla Tilton

Peek, Tom & Joyce Van Wagner Peek

Plaster, Robert and Karen

Price, Kenneth

Quinn, Margie Burke and Diane Quinn Hoffman

Rettinger, Cindee & Joe (Sirgany);

Rhew, Edwin and Paula

Romeo, Felicia Christin

Ruehle,Catherine Atkins

Sanders, Ron & Elizabeth (Libby)

Seltenright, Mike and Joanne

Shebest, (Gergen) Margaret 

Sherrill, Marcee

Skinner, Jim and Patrice

Sprague, Stuart

Steinbring, Suzanne (Martinson)

Stevenson, Craig

Swann, Cheryl, Babcock

Thomas, Kathy Fitzer and Richard

Thompson, Diana Hartman

Thorner, Margo (Holloway)

Tilton, Starla

Venis, Georgeann and Mary Venis Koutsakis

Vescovi, Claudia Davenport
Wasner, John Hap and Janine Koon

Winslow, Ellen and Bruce Barrett

Here is the list of people who have signed up so far to attend the Reunion. 

IMPORTANT - If there are any misspellings or are bringing a guest that I have not included, please contact me on our Contact Us page for correction.

Names are posted as per registration.